Live Online Coding Club

Fully Booked! - Please email for waitlist

Requirements for the live online Coding Club

Software / Apps

Use your favorite browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

You can download the school version of Minecraft from here: Download

The game requires a Microsoft student account to log in. The student account will be provided by the Coding Club administration.

Accordion Content

I recommend Atom, but there many other good options as well.

Accordion Content
Accordion Content

Computer Devices

What kind of hardware is needed?
The ability to do audio and video calls is mandatory. Click the slider to see different configurations
Lightweight and casual option
Good option for getting things done everywhere
Best performance option
Laptop and iPad
Best option for creativity and mobility
iPad and Desktop
Best option for performance and creativity
Laptop and Desktop
Productivity and performance best option
Dual Screen Desktop and iPad
Professional Workstation for multitasking and creativity - My favorite

Onboarding - How to get started

  • Make a booking

    After booking, you will receive a confirmation receipt by email.

  • Receive student account by email

    Coding Club Administration will create a Microsoft school account for your child and send to you login credentials like username (actually a Coding Club email address) and a password. With the student's user account your child will be able to login into Apps like Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or Minecraft Education.

  • Install student apps

    See list of useful apps in the Requirements section above. If you can install them yourself, that would be very good. If you need help, click the schedule phone call button nearby.

  • Test the learning setup

    Very well, almost ready! Login into MS Teams and select die Coding Club team space. There you will find channels, messages, files as well as other apps related to different ongoing projects. Now test the audio and video quality before joining the video conference on Teams.

If you need help boarding the Coding Club, for example with your child’s computer devices network and internet connection you can schedule a meeting one-to-one with a Coding Club teacher. Book a phone call if you need assistance by pressing he button below:

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Junior Coding Club

What to expect in the Junior Coding Club?

Membership has been granted automatically, if your child participates in a Digitaltutor Coding Club at your local school.

About the student account

Your child’s Junior Coding Club username is basically an email address composed by the first name of your child separated with a dot “.” and the first letter of the last name followed by “”.


It is a fully functional email address which is also the single sign-on (SSO) into the Microsoft Office 365 student account and other education applications.

The (secure) password

Every student starts with a generic password. The students are obliged to change their password as soon as possible with their own creation.

First login to the Junior Coding Club

For the login page, click here:

Type in the username / email address and you will recognise the Digitaltutor Coding Club welcome screen.

Now fill in the password.

Office 365 Education dashboard

Edit the student account

Beneath the app tiles of the Office 365 dashboard are files, folders, groups and sites the students are working on.

To edit personal student related information, click in the top right corner on the students user name.

Changing the password

This is one of the first topics children should learn: The use of passwords and why they are important. We decided to require a strong policy about passwords even if this is a steep learning challenge for the young students. With the help of the Tutor or with the parents, children will be able to construct a secure password on a high standard soon. 

Psst ... the password must contain at least 8 characters and 3 combinations of the following: capital and lowercase letters, numbers, or special characters (§$%&...) .

Hacky Hack

Train yourself to remember at least one password that you never, repeat: NEVER ever tell someone except your parents.

Recommended password generators:

Change profile information

Profil information are only visible to other members of the Junior Coding Club. Add information about yourself cautiously and especially if it is relevant for your class mates. 

In the My Office Profile page you can add (and edit):

Setup email forwarder (for parents)

The student email address is only visible to other members of the Junior Coding Club.

Emails will be used sparingly within the Coding Club. Much of the digital communication will flow in the classroom chat channels.  

Nonetheless it is advised to setup a forwarder from the student’s Outlook email account to a parents email address. So whenever an email is send to the student, parents will get notified and mailed a copy.

Parent email addresses will not be visible to other members.

Access the Junior Coding Club in Microsoft Teams

While Office 365 Education is the building of the Junior Coding Club, the rooms inside are in Microsoft Teams, the perfect application for this purpose.

The Coding Club classrooms and the school hall are inside Microsoft Teams. This is where students in classrooms and projects interact socially, have fun and work together.

b) Download and install Microsoft Teams

Direct access to classroom

I know what to do. I have the Junior Coding Club student account and password.
Members only

Setup a forwarding email address so if an email will be send to your child’s email address it will be forwarded to a parent’s email as well.

Install Minecraft Education Edition and other education apps

This will be done in Microsoft Teams


Yes, this is possible. Either do it by self-service editing the profil of the student account in office 365 or write us an email to

No, the usage of the Coding Club school account with its education applications is included in the montly service fee payed for the Digitaltutor Coding Club in your local school.

For the future we are planing to open up the Coding Club for students not locally attending Coding Clubs in Schools. For those users, a yearly fee will be applied.

Yes, the Coding Club school is a learning management system by design. The moderator team will get notifications about the activities of the students and all communications between the students are supervised. Strict filters are in place too.

Since we are running the Coding Club school on cloud services of Microsoft and Google, the data stored has one of the highest safety standards in the industry. We sorely taking care of our data and use only data need for teaching. Our approach is reduce data as much as possible use it economically.

The cloud servers a based within the EU.

Office 365 services store personal information only for  authentication, and does not collect or store any personal information within the application.  The Office 365 platform is in full compliance with COPPA, CIPA, and FERPA.

Visit the Microsoft Trust Center for more information about privacy and security in Microsoft applications.

Yes, of course. It is the idea to stay in touch even if your child takes a break but wants to stay in touch with the former Coding Club members.

For the future we are planing to open up the Coding Club for students not locally attending Coding Clubs in Schools. For those users, a yearly fee will be applied.

To install Office 365 Education, your PC or Mac must meet the minimum system requirements. View the system requirements

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