Live Online Coding Club

This virtual Coding Club activity is an exclusive, supervised, virtual classroom where young members from age of 7 to 14 years old can log in, access their learning projects and team up. Join us for fun project-based learning, creative and STEM education technology activities. Together we will turn screen-time into learning-time opportunities.

Select 3 hour blocks for the forenoon (09:00 – 12:00) or afternoon (13:00 – 16:00), on specific days according to your needs. The maximum number of participants for each session is 6 per teacher. We work in small teams so that we can take care of students sufficiently.

Requirements for online homeschooling

Software / Apps

Use your favorite browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

You can download the school version of Minecraft from here: Download

The game requires a Microsoft student account to log in. The student account will be provided by the Coding Cub administration.

Accordion Content

I recommend Atom, but there many other good options as well.

Accordion Content
Accordion Content

Computer Devices

What kind of hardware is needed?
The ability to do audio and video calls is mandatory. Click the slider to see different configurations
Lightweight and casual option
Good option for getting things done everywhere
Best performance option
Laptop and iPad
Best option for creativity and mobility
iPad and Desktop
Best option for performance and creativity
Laptop and Desktop
Productivity and performance best option
Dual Screen Desktop and iPad
Professional Workstation for multitasking and creativity - My favorite

Onboarding - How to get started

  • Make a booking

    After booking, you will receive a confirmation receipt by email.

  • Receive student account by email

    Coding Club Administration will create a Microsoft school account for your child and send to you login credentials like username (actually a Coding Club email address) and a password. With the student's user account your child will be able to login into Apps like Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or Minecraft Education.

  • Install student apps

    See list of useful apps in the Requirements section above. If you can install them yourself, that would be very good. If you need help, click the schedule phone call button nearby.

  • Test the learning setup

    Very well, almost ready! Login into MS Teams and select die Coding Club team space. There you will find channels, messages, files as well as other apps related to different ongoing projects. Now test the audio and video quality before joining the video conference on Teams.

If you need help boarding the Coding Club, for example with your child’s computer devices network and internet connection you can schedule a meeting one-to-one with a Coding Club teacher. Book a phone call if you need assistance by pressing he button below:

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