Junior Coding Club at the Ernst Reuter School

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Junior Coding Club at the Ernst Reuter School


Coding Club for half a year for 90 minutes in the afternoon, ideally between 2.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. For third and fourth grade children. The afternoon coding club is offered as a continuous course for up to 12 learners, with more intensive supervision and teamwork. The weekly course is aimed in particular at children who want to delve deeper into the Digitaltutor eV program: playfully program, build robots and experiment, design digitally and master fun challenges.
We encourage children to actively face challenges and solve tasks independently. In the Coding Club they learn to develop their own solution strategies for problems and experience themselves as capable and self-competent.
With this innovative educational offer, we focus on skills for the future and at the same time we instruct children to find a healthier use of digital media. For a future in which the minds of tomorrow dominate digitalization and not one in which digitalization dominates the children.
We help beginners by promoting motor skills in the use of digital tools. Little geniuses are challenged by abstraction and logic in programming (sequences, loops, events and conditions). Later, in the course of the Coding Club, when there is enough basic understanding of algorithms and informational thinking, we turn to a real programming language with the pupils, for example Python.
All participants are specially trained in dealing with digital devices and modern working methods, such as the use of video conferencing and e-collaboration. The Coding Club creates a space and identification to promote communication, social behavior and teamwork.
The students can use the learning platform of the Coding Club from anywhere and at any time to access their learning projects, even with devices from their own household.

Creation and maintenance of student accounts, computers and software, their administration, repairs as well as improvements and updates. The children get their own child-friendly account with licenses for learning apps from Microsoft, codeSpark Academy and Minecraft Education. The virtual coding school is administered and pedagogically supervised to ensure a protected and sheltered environment. Such a computer science afternoon offer requires a lot of expert knowledge, as well as preparation and follow-up time.

Classroom materials and equipment for Coding Club classes will be brought, including computers, internet connection and WiFi.

The after-school care center or school makes the space available.
The digital classroom environment is set up and dismantled before and after class.

This includes the educational preparation and post-processing, the technical operation and support of the hardware and software, and the administration of licenses, student accounts and software. In the Coding Club afternoon program, there is supervision by a teacher outside of class if the students use the digital learning platform from home.

Parents can contact us for advice and support.

Number of participants: a maximum of 12 pupils.

Lockdown / Pandemic Conditions
In the case of a school closure or limited on-site lessons, we guarantee the continuation of the coding clubs. The courses are held online, live or synchronously via video conference with the help of the Coding Club learning platform. We are well prepared for this scenario and have a lot of experience with distance learning.


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