Python programming for beginners with Minecraft Education


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Python programming for beginners with Minecraft Education

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Date: 2nd Spring Holiday Week, 12. – 15. April, Monday till Thursday

Time: Daily 13:00 – 15:00

Recommended age: 8 – 12

This online based learning activity is available for the first or second week of the spring holidays. An experienced tutor engages live the students working from home in a digitale collaboration space like Microsoft Teams. Our aspiration is to work with a small group of up to 4 students to provide a valuable experience for everyone.

Python is used as a coding language to build everything from exciting arcade-style games to advanced machine learning algorithms and models. This language has a clear syntax that makes it quicker to write and debug, so whether you’re starting out, or learning advanced algorithms, you can progress quickly.

Minecraft: Education Edition offers an engaging platform for computer science education, with features designed to help students learn to code, and apply coding across STEM subjects. In this activity we will learn foundational Computer Science concepts and build computational thinking skills.


Windows PC / laptop or Mac computer
Installed Microsoft Teams
Stable Internet connection

User accounts and licenses are provided by the Coding Club.

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